How to talk about faith to kids

These modern times seem to make unbelievers from all of us, especially kids. Kids are bombarded on all sides by different sources of information and entertainment. That is a good thing, but trouble is parents have a though time getting to share their own world view with their children. Here’s a tip how you can get back the attention of your kid long enough to tell them what you think the world is about.

Faith in God and kids

Trick that I’m going to share isn’t that revolutionary, it’s toys and playing with kids. I know, right. Preferably it should be toys that both you and your child can play together. Note that this works best when the kids are younger. When they get older, it’s more difficult to get them to play with mom and day, or so I’ve been told.

As far as the toys goes, it can be something simple as playing catch. Or you can opt out for something a bit more advanced like going out camping, playing with one of those drones that seem to be popular these days or something else along these lines.

While you’re playing with the kid, you can slowly talk about any kind of thing that you want. Share with them your view of the world, talk about God, about anything that you think is important and would like to pass on to the kid. It’s a bit sneaky, but you have to sneaky these day in order to get your kids to listen to you. Plus you get to play with your kids. Try it and see how it goes.