Importance of charity for a good spiritual life

Being a spiritual person takes work. For me being spiritual means feeling one with the world, with the people of the world, Nature and the Universe in general. That is what God is basically. By saying that it takes work to be a spiritual person, I’m saying that you need to work on getting closer to people, to nature and the world in general in order to really feel spiritual.

Charity is important for spirituality

Charity is a good method how one would achieve a better closeness with people, which is what’s important for spirituality.

With charity you give to other people, but you as well get something in return. The sense of connectedness with the people you help that you see in their eyes, their appreciation, that’s what will help you grow as a person.

You never know when, but one day you too could end up needing help. Financial situation isn’t all that great right now. A lot of people are on the brink of losing it all, just like in ’08. In times like these you need to rely on your fellow human beings, on their charity, to get through. For that reason make sure that you help those in need now, for you never know, God forbid, they might end up helping you in the near future. As always stay safe, and work on your spirituality in order to get closer to God.