Hello visitors of Fountain Life. We are delighted to have you as our guests. You’ve reached web pages of a spiritual fellowship based in Wisconsin. My name is Tyrone Burton. Together with my wife, I lead a small group of modern believers in God, spirituality and love among people. Currently the plan is to use this website as a platform for voicing our opinion on issues surrounding spirituality, faith in God and how to reconcile these things with modern science, natural world, etc. Most of the time though we’ll talk about more lighter topics like how to spark natural interest in spirituality in kids through toys like remote controlled drones, Nintendo, camping outdoors, etc. Such a thing is possible, believe it or not.

You sound like a Church

Technically speaking we are not a church in the sense that I’m a priest and we have an actual church for conducting mass. We are a Church in the other sense of the word, with a capital C, a congregation of people who believe in God and are looking for ways how to keep their faith alive in this world of ours. Our group gets together in local common area here in Appleton, Wisconsin. Basically speaking, we are just ordinary citizens who get together from time to time to get out of the house, socialize, talk about spirituality and get our kids to play. Oh yeah, me and my wife are proud parents to Sarah, our daughter.

spirituality photo

One of the problems that people like us face in these modern times is the stigma that faith in God has, most notably the rejection of science. Nobody from the Fountain Life group holds a grudge against scientific fact. We accept it completely. Fountain Life members are actually quite the tech nerds. During our meetings we have various educational toys and gadgets brought in for the kids. For example we have chemistry play sets, STEM toys, LEGOs, facial recognition drones, guitars and others to keep the kids entertained while we discus faith and spirituality.

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More and more people seem to be losing their faith these days. I have been down that path, but I didn’t go all the way. Same is true for most of the other members of Fountain Life. We are sort of practicing faith in God, in a higher power, but we’re not that big on all the other “stuff”. That’s exactly the reason why we don’t have a church, I’m not a priest, and we’re not that big to be honest, our group I mean.

How does it work

Well as you probably noticed, Fountain Life is a pretty lax group of believers. There is no need to go to mass on Sundays. Mainly because we don’t have a church to go to. However we do have weekly gatherings on Sundays that members can come to. It is not mandatory though, and no one is going to be deemed a sinner if they don’t come. Same thing applies to prayers, fasting, communion, confirmation and all the other usual rituals found in the Christian faith, and all the other religions for that matter.

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Likewise, we bear no hostility towards science, like other more traditional believers seem to be, or at least the more vocal ones among them do. A couple of friends of mine from Fountain Life are actually science teachers (biology and physics). They see faith as something personal, a belief in a higher power, a God, that takes care of us in afterlife. Rules for being in Gods favor are ever evolving, and are not set in stone. They change with our understanding of the natural world.

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Think of Fountain Life as sort of a middle ground between two opposite poles, religions and science. Our goal is to be the peacekeeping force that will bridge the gap between belief in God and scientific fact. Nothing is taken on face value, everything gets to be questioned. When we say it like that we are more closer to being non-believers, but we still have a faith in a higher power, something bigger than us. That’s what gives our lives a meaning, and it’s a great tool at instilling goodness into our children.

Closing words and future plans

Hopefully our words above have properly explained our stance towards faith. With God in our hearts, and scientific understanding we hope to create a more passionate world, with less suffering and more happiness. There is that old saying “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”, it was said by none other than Albert Einstein. And we’ve taken this quote as a sort of motto of ours.

We are setting up charity drives all the time, for different causes. Get in touch with us if you want to help out your fellow human beings or animals. There have been a couple of times when we raised funds for local shelters. Currently we are working on providing school equipment for kids and need. Any kind of donation, text books, school supply, notebook or just money will go toward helping kids reach their full potential.

Going forward we hope to fill out this website with useful content for the members of Fountain Life and visitors in general to enjoy. Contact us if you are in the Appleton area and wish to join our little group. By all means contact us if you want to make a donation for one of our charity drives. We are always on the lookout for new members who will add more diversity to our group. Each one of us has a story to tell and we want to hear yours. Stay safe and may God be with you.